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About Dr. Tilo Wagner :

An expert in Asian affairs with early Far East experiences dating back right into the 1980s, since the mid-1990s Dr. Tilo Wagner has been specializing in Asia-Europe relations.  Regarding Asia, his academic credentials include a degree in Japanese Cultural Studies (linguistics, history, diplomacy and marketing - all of them significantly influenced by China`s civilization) and his final thesis: "Past to Present: Advertising in Japan (1688 - 2001)".  

Having completed East Asia related master studies at Goethe University (Frankfurt: diploma courses also in European public law and diplomacy as well as in Chinese language & culture) in 2002, PhD research in European Policy Studies followed suit.

Seeking ways to further understanding about and long-term cooperation with Europe across Asia, his aspiration lead him to a 12 months research stay at Keio University (Tokyo) between 2007 and 2008.  Most generously co-sponsored by the Canon Foundation, the support got him in touch with East-West pioneers and helped him to earn a PhD degree at Bonn University in 2011.  Dealing with Europe's geopolitical pan-Eurasia development ties, his PhD thesis is titled "European Union - Japan : The Strategic Build-up of Political Relations (1991 - 2006)".

About EurAsiaBridge :

While wishing to link European potentials with pan-Asian dynamics and mapping out his postdoc specialization (pan-Eurasia 2014 - 2023) : "China's New Silk Road Relations with Europe", he was there after instrumental in co-founding EurAsiaBridge with dedicated, skillful Japanese and other highly appreciated East-West partners.

Founded in 2012 nearby the new premises of the European Central Bank and Frankfurt's booming "EastSide", the location is understood to serve as key gateway for commercial success and political unity of a modern-day, cosmopolitan Europe.  

An unique geopolitical advisory for investors / institutions in shaky times amid information overflow, EurAsiaBridge has ever since been committed to “East-West strategic business cooperation” next to keeping a supportive scientific eye on key issues of the pending question "Europe`s peace and prosperity Union amid China`s rise into ecological civilization Status".  

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Encouraged by the EU`s Ambassador to Beijing and the Trilateral Commission Secretary General (of German Bilderberg section), Dr Wagner could win as PhD supervisors the head of an EU-affairs think tank and an Asia specialist who used to be the EU's ASEM-coordinator. His prior Canon Foundation PhD research stay at Keio University was hosted by a Jean-Monnet professor for European Law and Integration (then President of the "EU Studies Association", EUSA Asia-Pacific).  

Advocating open-minded globalization, his research and analysis refocuses since 2023 the overall theme "Europe-Asia into New Chapter : Conflict or Cooperation?" with special attention on the particularly pressing geopolicy issues a) Food-Climate, b) Resources-Energy, and c) Environmental-AI security and stability relations.

He grew up in an Olympic fencing academy in Beethoven City Bonn, now home of the United Nations climate office, and was thereafter NATO-soldier in Brussels. Meanwhile he is with the Federal Academy for Security Policy in Berlin (friendship club) and supports European Union`s "Green Deal".