An unique East-West consultancy, EurAsiaBridge by design and desire is a distinct

"LobbyTank" combining specific features of both, a sophisticated "lobby office" and  

a miniature "think tank" in one. 


With a focus to match business with politics, the target group of our cross-related set  

of services comprises company CEOs and wealthy individuals from mainly Asia,  

Europe and North America.


By effort and sacrifice, the objective is clear-cut: To make our private sector clients  

significantly better understand and profit from the (often well hiding) logic behind the   

fascinating "New Great Game" of world political affairs to date and ahead of us.   


In Tribute to Marco Polo:  


In line with postdoc research specialization offering finest "New Silk Road" advisory,

we pay particular attention to unfolding future affairs of Europe, China and in between

Eurasia to make meet business-strategic ends of both global partners: Brussels and  

Beijing (including their respective key allies). 


As a non-partisan, fully independent East-West mediator for investors with strategic

ambitions, we are glad to offer you political back-up services (knowledge, contacts

and ideas) by motto "Shared Future: Transforming Europe welcomes Rising Asia".  


Based upon rule, law and custom they comprise the two intertwined (yin-yang or  

two-in-one principled) units:

"EurAsiaBridge Information" - think tank for postdoc geopolitical advisory, and

"EurAsiaBridge Investment" - lobby office for government related contacts.     


Operating from an Asian point of view, the units combine "the best of both worlds"  

to make Easterners more easily "feel home with Europe" and Westerners "get the  

essence of Asia".    







EurAsiaBridge Information:



Western Geopolitics 


 Next Europe. Celebrating 1957 Rome Treaty or 1815

 Vienna Congress ? Inching from Union to "Republic".  


East-West Geopolitics


 Next Marco Polo. Europe in China's Silk Road Strategy:  

 The View from Beijing in "history - future" context. 


Eastern Geopolitics 


 Next China. Balancing back into the Middle ? Fall and  

 Rise of timeless Confucius Civilization (1799 - 2049).




EurAsiaBridge Investment:    



Silk Road


 Next Eurasia. The "world-island" as post-colonial space consumed by medieval-

 style inner-Muslim rivalry and China`s kick-starting geo-economic superpower

 ambitions. Linking you to (Sino-European) "Silk Road Fund" possibilities.


Green Energy


 Next Kyoto. The UN Climate Conference in Paris aimed at "cooling the planet"   

 and selected "hot potato" investment opportunities offered by climate friendly  

 Europe-Asia "Green Energy" cooperation.

Olympic Games 


 Next Olympics. The IOC`s agenda for sustainable urbanization development and  

 selected gold medal sponsorship and investment options in the 2018 (Korea),  

 2020 (Japan), 2022 (China) and 2024 (France) "Olympic Games".