An unique East-West consultancy, EurAsiaBridge by design and desire is a distinct

"LobbyTank" combining specific features of both, a sophisticated "lobby office" and  

a miniature "think tank" in one.

As a non-partisan, fully independent  East-West  mediator for company CEOs and

investors with strategic ambition,  we offer you tailor-made information,  ideas and


In a digitalizing world currently in fundamental reshaping process and propelled by

the motto "Shared Future: Transforming Europe welcomes Asia Rising", our inter-

twined (yin-yang or two-in-one principled) set of services covers:


 Geopolitical  Advisory

 Government Relations




By effort and sacrifice, the objective is clear-cut: To make our private sector clients  

significantly better understand and benefit from the (often well hiding) logic behind

the "New Great Game" of world political affairs to date and ahead of us.   


In line with our research specialization, we offer finest project advisory focused on

unfolding future affairs of Europe, the Asia-Pacific and in between Eurasia to meet

business-strategic ends of global partners Brussels and Beijing - including allies.


Our work is dedicated to combine "the best of both worlds" so to make Easterners

more easily "Feel home with Europe" and Westerners "Catch the essence of Asia".    





Ongoing Projects

Based on the latest EU-regulations and policies for your future business strategy:


The EU-Asia Post-Covid Cooperation                 

Into the Ecological Silk Road Century 



 * If interested in these projects, please contact us.