EAB Statement

                   Europe`s chance to aid North Korea - US ties !

                                (Nagasaki Day - Long Version)

Not unlikely that Pyongyang in secrecy wishes to draw even with`Confu-

cian brothers` Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo when it comes to receiving US-/

EU-support to grow more prosperous. However, ongoing since 1992-93

and escalating timely towards 2017 UN General Assembly gatherings in

New York in September, how could Europe contribute its  rich  east-west

peace-unifying experience (Valery Giscard d`Estaing to Helmut Kohl) to

help mitigate and transform DPRK-US nuclear stand-off ? As twenty-five

years of UN-sanctions have failed to keep Pyongyang from building and

testing a nuclear deterrence (since mid-2017, BBC reporting) leaving its

leadership ever more isolated, mistrusted and hence dangerous behind, 

new methods need to be swiftly considered to cut the vicious cycle in an

effort to finding long-term solutions.  Worth discussing may be to revive

the `Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe` (CSCE 1972 -

1994, since then OSCE) tailor-made applied (perhaps in China-initiated

Silk Road context ?) onto the Korean peninsula and its beautiful cultural

settings (Ban Ki-Moon, 2006). A rising `humanitarian power` (Alexander

Graf Lambsdorff, 2017), the EU by tradition appears prepared to serve-

up proactively to key important US-North Korean peace relations (para-

mount for Beijing) the way it did by means of  KEDO from 1996 to 2005

(Benita Ferrero-Waldner, 2005).  Perhaps once tasting multilateral suc-

cess replacing mutual militarist attitudes with smart east-west diplomacy

in Far East, that might prompt the White House to go in for quid pro quo

action in Ukraine, also a `Cold War left over frozen conflict` (paramount

for Moscow : Russo-Sino Baltic naval drills, summer 2017)  -  Europe`s

no less urgent Korea-style geostrategic challenge ...

                               (EurAsiaBridge - 9 August 2017)




                   Astana Expo embraces Sustainable Future

Amid Beijing`s forging geostrategic ties with central America`s  Panama

and Gulf region`s United Arab Emirates, which repercussions for Trump

administration after quitting (Vatican lobbied) Paris Climate Accord ? As

Opec-sponsored Anglo-American pre-2003 optimism is one-and-a-half-

decades on ending up in national retreat and roll back confusion, Expo

2017 Astana (EU-supported) embraces a `new era` of renewable future

energy schemes to help fuel tomorrow`s world economy  while  keeping

dear human livelihoods. Hosting also in Astana Russia-sponsored talks

for a Greater Middle East peace (towards a Russo-US "Sykes-Picot" ?),

Kazakhstan has grown into key position of rising  Silk Road community

aiming to stabilize and develop trans-Eurasian spaces ..... and beyond.

                              (EurAsiaBridge - 18 June 2017)


                  Allez hop, l` Europe !  Hit the road, Europe !

Provided that `continentalists´ prevail over `nationalists` in 2017 Euro-

pean general elections, how could `rich in overseas territories` France

convince `rich in private savings` Germany to invest more bravely into

heartland leadership of `ever closer European Union` ? Disintegration

and neighborhood instability pressing, Berlin`s matching strong sense

for safety should be addressed. Paris would need to focus on  shifting

´euro currency` towards common budget/ fair tr(aid)e with a (German)

finance minister on top, and ´euro security` creating common military/

intelligence with a (French) defense minister supervising affairs. Such

scenarios would need good support from European Union  institutions.

                               (EurAsiaBridge - 1 May 2017) 


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